Education Index

Museums. Different museums for your field trip.

Holiday Index. Links to help teachers find just the right site for holiday ideas.

Teacher Links. Links for teachers to museums, professional organizations, and places to buy supplies.

Science links. Science resources and links.

Language Arts links. Language Arts resources and links.

Math links. Math resources and links.

Social Studies links. Social Studies resources and links.

Special Education. Resources in Special Education, specifically Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

Educational Technology. Resources for the classroom.

My Class. A small introduction to my class and links to other areas of interest (to me anyhow) such as roving and my class set-up.

Lesson Plans. A few of my lesson plans and links to sites with other lesson plans available.

Spider books. List of books that deal with spiders, fiction and nonfiction.

Spider Resources. This site doesn't have a lot yet (i'm getting there) but will help in your search for information about spiders.

Kids page. Resources and links for kids.

Parents page. Resources and links for parents.

Recommendations page. Sites that i feel really should be visited.

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Updated: 01 July 1999
Revised: 22 December 1999