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4Kids Treehouse Fun activities and study resources.

50+ Great Sites for Kids and Parents.

700+ Great Sites List of sites for children that are interesting and safe.

Adventure Online Information and free materials about the North Pole.

Berit's Best Sites for Children a directory of safe, recommended Web sites for children up to age 12.

Brain Teasers Teasers to make you think - from 3rd grade to 7th grade.

Cool Kids GIF Animation Art Gallery Web reference, animation tutorial, discussion board and gallery. Think i might use the tutorial myself!

Crayon Create your own newspaper.

CTW Family Workshop Fun games and activities. Hey, anything with Sesame Street is all right with me!

Cyberkids This site has games, an Art Gallery, articles and lots of other fun kid stuffs.

For Kids! National Wildlife Federation page for kids. Also has fun games.

Hampton Hampster's Hamster House A really cute page! Makes me want to get a hamster of my own (but i guess a pet tarantula is enough!) Also make sure to check out the Hamster Dance!

Kellogg's Cereal City More than you probably ever wanted to know about Kellogg's cereal, but there is a neat game (need Shockwave) and you can create your own card.

Kids Click! Web Search A web guide and search tool for kids by librarians.

Kids National Geographic Great pictures and a lot of information. Also has a link to National Geographic.

Kid's Page Jump start educational programs. See what they're like and color a dinosaur picture while you're there (i use the Jumpstart Second Grade© in my class).

LEGO World Lots and lots of LEGO ideas and ordering information.

Pack-o-Fun Projects for kids and families.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cute site - there are fish facts (amid advertisements of course) but still an overall cute site. The best is the Gone Fishin'! page - but you need the Shockwave plug-in.

School House Rocks - Unofficial Site Hmm, don't know if this is more fun for the kids or me?

Sesame Street on PBS.

Student Surf Homework links for science, math, history, and more.

Weekly Reader A super site! Has a section for parents as well as the kids.

Yahooligans Web search engine especially for kids.



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Updated: 01 July 1999