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Amazon Rainforest

Kids' Corner Glossary, resources, Rainforest audio-visuals for teachers and students.

Let's Go Around the World II Adventures to the Amazon Rain Forest

Mrs. Jones' Second Grade Class Information and student reports on the Rain Forest.

The Rain Forest Workshop Information and educational resources about the Rain Forest.

The Virtual Rainforest: Animals Animals of the rainforest.



Ask an Astronaut Information about astronauts.

Ask Dr. Universe A great science site for kids.

Astronomy Magazine Photos and information.

Asteroid Comet Impact Hazards Information from NASA about asteroids.

Core Knowledge Solar System lesson plans.

Earth from Space Pictures of Earth from space.

Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground Information and activities about the Solar System.

International Space Station Information about the space station.

NASA Observatorium Information and images, games and resources.. this site is great!

NASA Spacelink An aeronautics and space resource for educators.

The Nine Planets A multimedia tour of the solar system.

Planet Earth and Beyond Science sites for kids including animals, dinosaurs, space, and more.

Solar System Simulator Create a color image of your favorite planet or satellite!

Space Day Plan for Space Day '99 and take a look at the lesson library.

SpaceViews The online publication of space exploration.

Stanford SOLAR Center Providing Solar On-Line Activity Resources for the joy of solar science exploration.

StarChild A learning center for young astronomers.

Sunrise . . . Sunset Sunrise . . . Sunset is an interactive, interdisciplinary curriculum unit designed by teachers for other teachers in California. Also has lesson plans.

Views of the Solar System Information, Top, and pictures of the solar system in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.



Bubbles Information about bubbles and how to make a good bubble mix.

The Bubblesphere Cool science activities that you can do with bubbles.



Dino Kingdom Nakasato Have you ever heard about the village Nakasato; a small village in Tano County, Gunma, Japan, miles away from railroads and crowds? Well,in case you do not know, it is a surprising place where you can see the footprints of dinosaurs. These footprints lead to the Asian Continent; Korea, China and to Mongolia. Now this small village will be sending information of Mongolian dinosaurs out to the big world; about Velociraptor, Mononykus, and so on. This homepage will show you a lot about those activities in Nakasato.

Dinosaur Songs Well, songs about dinosaurs (as though you couldn't guess that one yourself!).

The Dinosauria Truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs in New Mexico Information about the dinosaurs that lived in what is now New Mexico.

The Stone Company Museum and collector fossils and educational materials.

Thunder Lizards Information about dinosaurs - science and fiction.


Human Body

Cells Alive Get a close up look at cells.

Human Anatomy On-line Learn more about the human anatomy.

Neuroscience for Kids For all students and teachers who would like to learn more about the nervous system. Enjoy the activities and experiments on your way to learning more about the brain and spinal cord.

The Visible Human Project The Visible Human Project is creating complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the male and female human body.



Monterey Bay Aquarium Check out the kelp forest.

Oceans Ocean habitat information - has lesson plans for teachers.

Sea World Animal Information Database Lots of information including animal and educational resources and soon Shamu TV.

Undersea and Oversee The past present and future of our oceans.

Virtual Tour of the Ear See the ear in minute detail.

WhaleNet Focuses on whales and marine research.

Whale Songs Whale resource for teachers, students, and whale lovers.

Whale-Watching Web Links and information about whales. Also has virtual whale watching. Lots and lots and lots and lots of links!



The Arachnology Homepage The study of arachnids (spiders and their relatives). With a page especially for Kids and teachers.

Insects and Spider slides. 1998 SCIENCE MULTIMEDIA WEB CATALOG.

Spiders Links to lots of wonderful spider pages. Check out the "Spiders Pictures" link for literally hundreds of excellent pictures of spiders!



Dan's Wild Weather Page An interactive weather page for kids.

Miami Museum of Science Making a weather station.

National Weather Service Homepage of the National Weather Service.

Weather Underground, Inc. Current temperatures around the USA.



California Living Zoo CALM is a zoo, botanical garden,and natural history museum.

The Electronic Zoo Information and mailing lists about animals as well as a section on Care for Pets.

ZooNet All about Zoos, indexes for USA and the World.



Desert Life in the American Southwest.

Habitat Sweet Habitat Lesson ideas dealing with habitats.

Photos To Go Desert scene photos.

What's It Like Where You Live? Learn all about deserts.



Amazon Smythe: Guinea Pig Orgins of the guinea pig.

Earthquake Information from the USGS. Hey, i'm in California, what do you expect?

Einstein Learn more about Albert Einstein.

ExploraNet WOW! Lots of cool science links, online exhibits, and webcams!

Explore Science You need shockwave to get the full effect of this site.

Froggy Page Home to all kinds of virtual frogginess, from the silly to the scientific.

How Stuff Works well, how does it work?

International Wildlife Coalition Information and the Whale Watch Newsletter.

InventNet The inventors network.

MadSci Net The Mad Scientist network.

Microscapes MicroScapes brings you the world too small for the human eye in a series of photographs taken through high power microscopes.

NOVA Online Loads of information and links.

Popular Science Website of the magazine.

Rowe School Science Loads of science information.

Science Daily Magazine The latest in science research and news.

Science/Nature for Kids Loads of links and other resources from the Mining Co.

Science Projects and Experiments Ten science project lesson plans.

Sounds Like Science Fun factoids about science.

Squirrel Cam I really like squirrels.

The Why Files Science behind the news.


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