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American Red Cross Always there in an emergency - visit to see what you can do to help.

Habitat for Humanity International Committed to eliminating poverty housing, no profit is made from the houses sold.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Help find a missing child. Also available at this site is information on how to keep your children safe.

Second Harvest Second harvest Donate food, time or money to help America's hungry.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital A very special place where *no* child is ever turned away. Please visit them to learn more about them.

World Hunger Year See how you can help.

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California State University, Northridge My alma mater, going back there soon. i will never get away, will i?

Gallaudet The world's only university for deaf and hard-of-hearing undergraduate students. Graduate programs are available for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students. Gallaudet is located in Washington, D.C.

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9D Free images, icons, wallpaper and more.

The 32bit Software Archive Another freeware/shareware site. Free stuffs for your web page!

Blue Mountain Cards Send someone you love a card. Lots of different cards to pick from for every holiday known (and some i didn't know).

File Pile Another good freeware/shareware site.

The FreeSite Did you say free?!?! I'm there!

Free Sources Loads of free stuff.

Galt Shareware Yea! More shareware.

Internet Card Central Links to free cards and virtual gifts all over the net. Download new shareware programs, lots of selections.

Softseek Freeware and shareware programs. New programs and other fun stuff to download every day.

Totally Free Stuff! Even more free stuffs.

Tucows Loads of shareware available.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company Send a card to someone today! (they are *very* cute) Excellent search engine for wav sounds. Windows shareware.

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The Book of Clichés Uh, i don't know. Either it is my linguistics background or i have a different sense of "fun".

CTW Family Workshop Fun games and activities. Hey, anything with Sesame Street is all right with me!

Discovery Online Lots of really cool science info. Check out the animal cams (live images)- a great way to see animals at home.

Hampton Hampster's Hamster House A really cute page! Makes me want to get a hamster of my own (but i guess a pet tarantula is enough!) Also make sure to check out the Hamster Dance!

I Feel Good!

Illusion Works The most comprehensive collection of optical and sensory illusions on the world-wide web.

Internet Police Have you been spending too much time on the web? who? me?!

Kaleidoscope Painter Have some fun painting. Must have java enabled.

One Big Happy One of my favorite comics. I can picture kids from my class saying some of this stuff. happy face

The Outskirts of Halloween Hey, i *did* say that Halloween was my favorite holiday!

Sesame Street on PBS.

Sherman's Lagoon Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water again, oh, it's just Sherman.

Squirrel Cam I really like squirrels. The home of everyone's favorite beagle.

The Weekly idiom Yup, it must be the linguistics.

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Last updated 01 July 1999