LESSON PLAN: Adding two-digit numbers
MATH: Second grade

I. OBJECTIVE: 17 out of 20 learners will demonstrate understanding of/ability to add two digit numbers by completing pages 158-159 in cooperative groups with 90% accuracy.

II. SET (WHAT): Addison-Wesley Mathematics pages 158-159, place value poster, base ten manipulatives, chalk, and chalkboard. Students will be seated during the demonstration of the lesson. Expectations for the lesson are that students will listen carefully to the directions so that they can successfully complete pages 158-159.

III. PROVIDING INFORMATION (HOW): (questions, modeling, sequencing, learning principles, monitoring, etc.) The teacher will review counting using base ten manipulatives. Teacher will then demonstrate adding two-digit numbers on the board using base ten manipulatives. After finishing, the teacher will ask the students questions about adding two-digit numbers.

IV. GUIDED PRACTICE (MATERIALS): (monitoring, learning, practice, directions, questions, etc.) The teacher will model adding two-digit numbers on the board using base ten manipulatives and then by going over the problems on page 157. The teacher will select a few students to come to the board to add two-digit numbers.

CLOSURE (EVALUATION): (Does this activity meet the objective? All learners assessed?) 17 out of 20 students will correctly add 90% of the problems on pages 159-159.

V. INDEPENDENT PRACTICE (CONTINUING EVALUATION): Working in cooperative groups, students will add two digit numbers on pages 158-159 and will use the base ten manipulatives to decide if they need to regroup.


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