LESSON PLAN - Spider webs
SCIENCE - Second Grade

A. REVIEW - Go over previous lesson about spider body parts, specifically the spinnerets. Today we will learn about how spiders make webs and different types of webs.


I. Students will orally identify and name three out of three different types of webs: orb, triangle, and tangle.

II. Using a worksheet, the students will correctly sequence three out of the five steps of the making of an orb web.

C. MOTIVATION - Read Spider Silk. Ask the students about the different types of webs that were in the book and how the webs are made.

D. INSTRUCTION - Discuss the characteristics of the different webs, their different shapes. Discuss the characteristics while referring to the web posters. Discuss the way in which orb webs are made. Display the steps on the chalkboard.

Ask questions about objectives to check comprehension.

E. PRACTICE - In cooperative groups, do WS # 1 and WS # 2, rewarding correct answers with sticks. Groups that finish early may make yarn webs. Monitor and provide immediate feedback.

Homework - Do WS # 3 and WS # 4 and discuss tomorrow to reinforce lesson objectives.

F. CLOSURE - Ask students to state in their own words what they have learned while pointing out the objectives on the board. Relate this lesson to the previous lesson and tell the students about the next lesson which will be about what spiders catch in their webs and eat.


I. Call the students up one at a time and ask them to identify and name three different types of webs. (Summative Assessment)

II. Have the student do WS # 5. (Summative Assessment)

Also monitor Practice and Homework for students who are having difficulty. Make a list of students who need reteaching. (Formative Assessment)

Materials needed - Web posters, WS # 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5, Spider Silk, orb web, yarn, construction paper, Spider body parts poster, pointer, chalkboard, chalk.


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