LESSON PLAN: Food Groups
HEALTH: Second Grade

I. OBJECTIVE: 17 out of 20 learners will demonstrate knowledge of/understanding of four of the five different food groups by: completing WS #1 in pairs categorizing what foods belong in which group and completing WS #2 with 90% accuracy.

II. SET (WHAT): WS #1, WS #2, food pyramid poster, food group poster, Learning to make health choices, flannel board, flannel pieces of food. Students will be seated at their desks during the instruction of the lesson. Expectations of the lesson are that students listen carefully to the directions so that they can successfully complete their worksheets.

III. PROVIDING INFORMATION (HOW): (questions, modeling, sequencing, learning principles, monitoring, etc.) The teacher will go over the different food groups found in the food pyramid. After finishing, the teacher will ask the students questions about the food groups.

IV. GUIDED PRACTICE (MATERIALS): (monitoring learning, practice, directions, questions, etc.) The teacher will go over the different food groups using a food pyramid poster and a food groups poster. The teacher will select a few students to place flannel pieces of food on a flannel board food pyramid. The other students will respond as to whether the student has placed the food in the correct food group.

CLOSURE (EVALUATION): (Does the activity meet the objective? All learners assessed?) Class discussion of the five different food groups. 17 out of 20 will be able to correctly identify four out of the five different food groups by completing WS #1 and WS #2 with 90% accuracy.

V. INDEPENDENT PRACTICE (Continuing Evaluation): In pairs, students will complete WS #1 and WS #2.


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