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These lesson plans were written for my credential program at Chapman University. Realistically, daily lesson plans are not written this way, but I hope you can get some ideas from here.

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As soon as I am able (and I can get it figured out) I will add the worksheets that I mention and samples of the student work so that you can get a better idea what the lessons looked like.

My Lesson Plans

Master Lesson Plan form - I used this to write my lesson plans for school quicker.

Lesson Plan #1 Zoo Animal Research (Research Skills)

Lesson Plan #2 Spider Webs (Science/Comparison)

Lesson Plan #3 Spider Body Parts (Science)

Lesson Plan #4 Measurement (Math)

Lesson Plan #5 Shapes (Math/Geometry)

Lesson Plan #6 Poetry (Creative Writing)

Lesson Plan #7 Food Groups (Nutrition/Health)

Lesson Plan #8 Comparing Hanukkah and Christmas (Venn Diagrams)

Lesson Plan #9 Sentences that make sense (grammar)

Lesson Plan #10 Adding two digit numbers w/regrouping (Math)

Lesson Plan #11 Identifying Musical Notes (Music)



Lesson Plans

The Art Teacher Connection©- for art and classroom teachers.

AskERIC Lesson Plans Browse AskERIC lesson plans by subject.

Baltimore Curriculum Project Draft Month-by-Month Content Lesson Plans (K-2)based on the Core Knowledge Sequence.

Core Knowledge Solar System lesson plans.

Doucette Index: K-12 Lesson ideas for literature Provides a search engine for book titles and authors - great resource for planning those lessons.

KinderArt Art education and lesson plans.

Lesson plans Astronomy lesson plans for first grade.

Lesson Plans Computer Skills lesson plans for public schools of North Carolina.

Lesson Plan Creating sand dunes.

Lesson Plan Martin Luther King Jr.

Lesson Plans from the Teacher's Desk. *very* informative

Units Mrs. G's mini units - covers a variety of science units.

Nuttin' But Kids This page was designed for childcare providers to develop lesson plans.

Penguins Unit to teach students about penguins.

Pumpkin Lesson Plan Pump Up the Curriculum With Pumpkins!

Science Projects and Experiments Ten science project lesson plans.

Teachers' Center A Houghton Mifflin site - check out the Activity Search for quick and easy activities. For grades K-8.

Teacher CyberGuide Lesson ideas using Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Teachers.Net Lesson Bank Loads of lessons with a helpful search engine. A super resource for teachers.

Teaching with the Web Links and lesson plans for grades K-5.

Curriculum Ideas

Curriculum Matrix This web page serves as a curriculum terminal from which you can travel to specific goals and objectives based on discipline and grade level.

CyberBee Curriculum ideas and back-to-school clip art among other things.

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