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Pictures of my class from the past 3 years - for 2 of those years, i was a rover <groan>! Click on the link to see an enlargement (unless you have really good eye sight!).


small image Noel decorations
small image Hall bulletin board. This was hard to get a picture of, so its slanted.
small image Bunnies made for spring.
small image Science center with Rosey the spider stories.
small image Turkey board can you say gobble, gobble?
small image Whale board it may be hard to see, but they made some really good trioramas.
small image Anansi and the Talking Melon bulletin board. A parent put this board together for our class. Gee, imaging me selecting a spider story?
small image Ice cream stories. Unfortunately, i made these into a book and gave it to a student before i was able to copy the stories. They were quite good actually.
small image Reading center a good place to kick back and read for awhile.


Okay, okay. These are not of my class, but from the California Science Center (an excellent place for a field trip!), but come on - it's a web. -enough said.

small image The web before it unfolds.
small image The web unfolded. Unfortunately i could not get a picture of it in full size - i didn't want to delay our departure from the museum. Oh well, maybe next year!


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Updated 26 March 1999