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Home Home page (kind of obvious, right?)

About Me General info. about me

What's New? Tells what has been changed on the page recently (you can see how busy i have -or not- been)

My Class See what i am doing and have done in my classroom this year.

All about spiders Spider information, books, stories, and links.

Story Index List of all of the stories written so far by my students.

Gallery Index Want to look at some art today? Check this out. Lists selected art work by my students.

Education Index Here you will find a listing of all the links and resources.

Other Links Index Other helpful or entertaining sites on the web.

Download Examples of some of the work pages we do in my class.

Uplifting Stories to help you through the day.

Webrings Webrings I belong to.

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Updated: 04 April 1999