This site will contain links to my class' spider stories, spider lesson plans, and anything else about spiders that I can find.

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Here is a picture of our beloved class pet, Rosey!


The students really like her. They like trying to catch the crickets to feed her and then *really* enjoy watching her eat! Rosey is easy to take care of, makes webs and comes in handy when I am teaching the insect/arachnid science unit.





Spider Links

Spiders Links to lots of wonderful spider pages. Check out the "Spiders Pictures" link for literally hundreds of excellent pictures of spiders!

The Arachnology Homepage The study of arachnids (spiders and their relatives). With a page especially for Kids and teachers.

Insects and Spider slides. 1998 SCIENCE MULTIMEDIA WEB CATALOG.

Animation Arthouse beautiful animated spider graphics.

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Updated: 08 January 2000