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Book titles, ISBN, and when available, links to give you an idea what the stories are about, reading level, etc. someday if i have time, i will get around to doing that.

The Book of Spider: From Arachnophobia to the love of Spiders ISBN: 0679408819

Dream Weaver ISBN: 015200944

Familiar Insects and Spiders North America ISBN: 0394757920

Miss Spider's Tea Party by, David Kirk

Someone Saw a Spider: Spider Facts and Folktales currently out-of-print

Sophie's Masterpiece ISBN: 0689801122

The Spider Anthology: Contemporary American Poets on Spiders currently out-of-print

Spider's Lunch: All About Garden Spiders ISBN: 0448402238

Spider Spins a Story: Fourteen Legends from Native America ISBN: 0873586115

The Spider Who Created the World ISBN: 0531088553

Spiders and their kin. Available from Amazon.com

Why Spiders Spin: A story of Arachne (the Gods of Olympus) ISBN: 0671691201

*even though i have links to amazon.com - this is just as a resource to aid in finding out about the books or to find more books. i am not part of their book buying thing - but i do like their selection and service.*




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