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Welcome to my class! Hi, I'm Ms. Medina. Here is a little peek at what we do in my class. Oh, and just so you know, my most favorite thing in all the world is spiders, so there will be a lot of spider references and activities.

In my class, we have a pet tarantula named Rosey. The students really like her. They like trying to catch the crickets to feed her and then *really* enjoy watching her eat! Rosey is easy to take care of, makes webs and comes in handy when i am teaching the insect/arachnid science unit.

This site will contain links to my class's spider stories, spider lesson plans, and virtually everything there is to know about spiders (well, as much as i can find.

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Do you have any Spider lesson plans? Do you know of any good Spider books? Do you have a love of spiders? Then...email me!



Updated 26 March 1999