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Teacher Resources

50 U.S. States and Capitols Provides information such as state bird, largest city, population... Excellent resource for those state history reports

Academy of Achievement Brings you face to face with the extraordinary individuals who have shaped the twentieth century.

Calloway House Classroom collection Lots of wonderful products to use in your classroom.

Digital Librarian: Languages Need to learn a few words in anew language - here's where to go. Links to just about every language there is or has been.

Earthquake Information from the USGS. Hey, I'm in California, what do you expect?

Ed. Links Links to educational sites (commercial and noncommercial) newsgroups, organizations and and projects.

Education World Sections include lesson planning, curriculum and books in education. Also has an administrators section and a search function to narrow down the choices. Loads of information provided

EduROCK Reliable Online Curricular Knowledge. An educational search engine.

Global SchoolNet Foundation's Global Schoolhouse The Global SchoolNet Foundation (GSN), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is a major contributor to the philosophy, design, culture and content of Internet-based learning. Sections for children as well as teachers & parents

Knowledge Unlimited Links and useful information. An excellent site for research and curriculum aids.

Library in the Sky Books divided by subject matter - social studies, language arts, math, science... also has special education, lesson plan resources and more.

School.Net HomePage Educational information - lists of schools, links and newsgroups

Spiders Links to lots of wonderful spider pages. Check out the "Spiders Pictures" link for literally hundreds of excellent pictures of spiders!

Teaching K-8 Now access this great resource on-line. You can also get a free issue of the magazine. Links to educational and children's sites.

Touchmath An excellent way to help children with their math. I have been using this method in my class for the past two years and have seen excellent results. Easy to learn and use.

Weekly Reader Wow! I remember reading these in school! Check out the site - there are special areas for parents and teachers as well as for the kids! Excellent site.

Whale-Watching Web Links and information about whales. Also has virtual whale watching. Lots and lots and lots and lots of links!

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Lesson Plans

The Art Teacher Connection©- for art and classroom teachers

Doucette Index: K-12 Lesson ideas for literature Provides a search engine for the book and author and then show up the web sites - great resource for planning those lessons

Teachers' Center A Houghton Mifflin site - check out the Activity Search for quick and easy activities. For grades K-8.

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Deaf Links

All you wanted to know about Deafness Go here to find out what you want to know.

American Sign Language Teachers Association(ASLTA) National organization of teachers of American Sign Language (ASL). ASLTA provides services such as professional development, certification, and advises teaching programs.

Animated ASL Dictionary A great resource tool when learning ASL (those pictures in books can be so confusing!).

California Association of the Deaf California branch of the NAD.

Deaf Related Mailing lists A great resource to find out more and talk to others.

Deaf World Web Excellent web site with lots of links. There are deaf pen pals, educational resources, and a special Deaf Cyberkids. Stories in ASL are *wonderful*. The stories take awhile to load, but are well worth the wait.

The Deaf Dogs Web Page Learn about Deaf dogs.

Deaf Resource Library Need resources to do a paper or just curious? Try this site.

Deafness and Hard-of-Hearing The definitive collection of net links on the topic according to the Mining Co.

DeafNET Dedicated to communication through the use of sign language.

National Association of the Deaf Advocacy group for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Current information about on-going issues such as equal access. Also has links to state associations.

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Do you have what it takes to be RID certified? (i sure don't)

Sign Language Factory Find out about the up coming Silent Weekends. Temporarily down.

Sign Media Inc. Order books or videos in American Sign Language and American Deaf culture. Lots of stories on tape available, such as stories by Edgar Allen Poe.

SignWriting Site A very interesting site. Developing a writing system based on sign language signs instead of borrowing English to write.

Sound & Fury The debate over cochlear implants.

Student Research - Centre for Deaf Studies This library contains student research from the deaf Studies department.

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Special Education Links

Especially for Education Links to a lot of really useful educational sites with lesson plan information and other helpful hints for teachers.

Forgotten Kids Official WebPage Links and information for those caring for children with special needs.

Special Education Resources on the Internet Links to sites with special education resources and information.

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Professional Organizations

California Teachers Association Support your organization. (if you are a teacher that is)

Developing Educational Standards :Overview

National Education Association Provides resources and current information on what's going on in schools today.

National Association for the Education of Young children An excellent site with a lot of information and links. Are you a member of the NAEYC? I am.

U.S. Department of Education HomePage Links to student financial assistance, Year 2000 goals, and educational headlines

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Educational Technology

The Computer Teacher's Resource page This page was designed for the Elementary School Computer Teacher, who may be called upon to teach a computer class, maintain a computer lab or provide guidance to other teachers (gee - that sounds almost like some of the stuff i have to do!).

Distance Learning for k-12 educators. Links to a lot of other helpful pages such as: lesson plans, schools on-line, resources for math. social studies, and more!

Educational Technology Information about assessment, grants, research, planning and just about anything else having to do with educational technology.

EdWeb HomePage Technology and school reform

Mighty Media Founded in 1991, Mighty Media's mission is to empower youth, educators, and organizations through the use of interactive communications technology.

Modem Mates Designed to train teachers in telecommunication.

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Kids & Family

Cool Kids GIF Animation Art Gallery Web reference, animation tutorial, discussion board and gallery. Think i might use the tutorial myself!

Crayon Create your own newspaper

Cyberkids Games, Art Gallery, Articles and lots of other fun kid stuffs

FamilyEducation Network Resource for parents - provides information on special needs children, homework help, and lots more.

Kids National Geographic Great pictures and a lot of information. Also has a link to National Geographic.

Kid's Page Jump start educational programs. See what they're like and color a dinosaur picture while you're there (i use the Jumpstart Second Grade© in my class)

Weekly Reader A super site! Has a section for parents as well as the kids.

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Updated: 26 March 1999