Uplifting Stories

well... not all are necessarily "uplifting" per se, some are just plain silly. Still, we all need to laugh. These stories and/or poems are from different mailrings i am a part of. If you would like to join any of them, there is information at the bottom of this page.

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Back to School all you need to start the new school year.
Back to School a rap to get you in the mood.
Behavior Labeling what are we calling the behavior?
An English lesson to help you.
First Day remember the worries?
The Joy of Teaching oh, how true!
Teacher Heaven even here!
Teacher Poems My favorite - Why God made teachers.
Just playing but is it really only that?
Night Before School yeah, parents love this.
Real Teachers and all that we do.
School Notes and why were you absent yesterday?
Teacher's pay too much? too little?
Thanksgiving Cookbook recipes by students.
You're an Elementary Teacher If take the test to make sure!

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Kids Say the darndest things....

some may also be Hanky stories, guess depended on my mood at that moment.

911 well, parents shouldn't be so surprised when kids do what they are asked (and i am partial to the city name)
Adopted what it means.
Barney but who is in your heart?
The Call - *ugh* kids!!!
Communicating with kids.
Cookie Emergency well, the kid thought it was.
Kid Quotes i got to start writing what my kids say!
What's the best part of waking up?
Kid Science science as explained by kids.
Kids Conversations no wonder i have so many gray hairs already!
Kids' Letters to God.
My name is...
The priest well, i suppose to a kid...
Sunday School what did you learn there?
Tips on Love from kids.
What do we do now?
Where's the baby? well...

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Uplifting stories to help you through the day.

sheesh! okay - some may also be Hanky stories. Or i suppose i could just be very emotional!

All you need to say.
Bear Hug pass it on to a friend.
Big Rocks - what is important to you?
Child to love is all you need (and i'm lucky - i have 19!)
Computer Prayer what's in your computer?
Discouraged this kid has the right attitude.
Forever Friend friends are the best!
God's Boxes of love.
Holiday wish someone a happy holiday.
If the world were the way it ought to be.
Kid again ah - to be young again.
Lesson in Heart another child with the right attitude.
Mom's Night Before Christmas.
Mommy Brain hey - now i know what was wrong with my mommy!
relax today.
Roles and how we play them.
Scoobed send it to someone today.
Scroll send it to a friend.
Smile Send someone a smile today!
Story of the Waterpot.
Teddy Bear pass him on.
Teddy Hug pass it on.
The Lesson we all need to learn.
Virus Warning pass it on.

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Hanky Warning   - you have been warned!

Butterfly Kisses kids give the best gifts.
Christmas Story.
Does God... well, what do you think?
Eye witness account someone saw it - must be true.
Most caring child.
Poem for parents.
Santa's Wish even Santa has a wish.
Soul Food feed you soul.
Two Nickels and five pennies.
What really matters do you know?
When you thought I wasn't looking.
Yellow Pages you are being warned again - proceed with caution (and tissues).

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Just Silly (you will probably need this after the previous section)

Access Denied beware of computers.
Computer Haiku sent to me by my dad, so blame him.
Cow Diary i knew Bessie did more than chew the cud.
Frogs wish i could find one like this!
Gates Beware!
Getting older how does it affect you?
High Tech Prayer i'll be saying this one tonight.
I want to be six again!
IRS important info. about the IRS.
How many does it take to scree in a lightbulb?
Ode to Spellcheckers oh, believe me, i love my spellchecker!!!!
Resume blunders it's a good idea to proof-read!
Silly Stuff silly one-liners. i use some of these for e-mail sigs.
Spellchecker this is closer to my typing!
Spellchecker dew ewe halve won?
Suppose Dr. Seuss wrote a computer manual.
Things mother taught me thank goodness for these pearls of wisdom!
Three engineers are riding in a car...
Too serious about computers? me neither!
Uh-oh where is...
Windows 2000 Error Messages because, you know, you can never get enough of *these*.
Y2K? no problem!
Another Y2K solution much more affordable too!
You have to live here to really get this one.

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